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The Latino population in the US is on the brink of becoming the largest minority group of voters in 2020, our vote will play a key role in elections across the country this year. In Washington State, Latinos are overwhelmingly young and can hold collective power to influence state electoral races. 


The 2010 US Census indicates that Latinos generally have lower rates of civic engagement than non-Latinos in terms of talking to public officials, volunteering, trust in public institutions, and other mainstream indicators of how individuals are participating in American society. We believe this to be incorrect. Latinos do participate in other civic activities such as church, charitable support, entrepreneurial businesses, and immigration initiatives. Latino immigrants are more likely to pursue immigration naturalization, vote, and engage civically if there is bilingual access. Latinos en Spokane aims to provide culturally relevant outreach to boost civic participation in the Spokane community. We are proud to be part of this civic engagement movement!


Since 2017, Latinos en Spokane has centered efforts in voter registration, providing information on local elections, interviewing local candidates and representatives on initiatives, and partnering with local organizations to increase voter turnout.


This year we are continuing to host voter registration events and creating connections within the Latino and immigrant community to local candidates. Thank you to all the candidates that accepted our invitation for interviews.

2021 Elections

Spokane County is gearing up for elections!


The City of Spokane has open seats for each City Council District  and Municipal Court Judge.


Spokane Valley has seating for Districts 1,5 and 7.


We invite you to meet the candidates! Latinos In Spokane will be conducting interviews with our local candidates to learn their visions and ideas, proposals for our community and connect the questions and suggestions of the Latino and immigrant community of Spokane.


Marceus Riccelli

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