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Latino & Hispanic Heritage Celebrations 2024

A journey to honor and celebrate the vibrant history of Hispanic and Latino cultures that enrich our communities across the United States.

Latinos En Spokane is deeply committed to honoring and preserving Hispanic culture through our annual Cultural Events and Hispanic Heritage Month festivities. These celebrations are pivotal moments of joy and recognition, highlighting the vibrant contributions of Hispanic communities in Spokane. As our community flourishes, these events grow in significance, attracting a diverse audience that includes both Latino and non-Latino residents, fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding. Our gatherings feature parades, traditional and contemporary music, authentic cuisine, and enriching cultural activities that showcase the traditions and heritage of various Latin American countries. Join us in celebrating Hispanic heritage and promoting cultural unity in Spokane.

Mexican Independence Day | September 14 | Riverfront Park Pavillion

Join us for our Mexican Independence Day celebration, a key event for building community and inclusion! It's a vibrant occasion where residents from all backgrounds can come together to experience Mexico's rich cultural heritage. Enjoy live music, authentic cuisine, games, crafts, and immerse yourself in Mexican history. Don't miss out on this day of fun and cultural exchange!

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Lucha Libre | October 19 | West Central Community Center

Join us for our second annual Lucha Libre event -a thrilling showcase of Mexican culture! Experience the excitement of colorful masks, high-flying acrobatics, and dramatic storytelling that define this vibrant sport. This event not only celebrates the artistry and athleticism of luchadores but also promotes cultural diversity and inclusivity in Spokane. Join us for an entertaining and culturally enriching experience that brings our community together in celebration!

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Dia de los Muertos | October 27 -
November 2 | LES offices

Join us in Spokane, WA, for a festive celebration of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead! This colorful Mexican tradition spans a week from October 27th to November 2nd, honoring our departed loved ones with daily rituals and educational workshops on grief and resources for migrant families. The culmination is a vibrant community gathering where we come together to honor and remember our ancestors, fostering healing and cultural preservation in Spokane.

Come join us in celebrating life and honoring our loved ones in this meaningful way!


Dia de las Velitas | December

Dia de las Velitas, or Day of Candles, is a cherished Colombian tradition that holds deep cultural significance. Celebrated on December 7th, this day commemorates the Immaculate Conception and pays homage to the Virgin Mary. It marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities in Colombia. It is a time for families to come together, share traditional foods, and enjoy the festive spirit. Join as we honor and preserve Colombian culture, creating a sense of community and connection among residents. This celebration allows Colombians living in Spokane to share their heritage with others and promote cultural understanding and appreciation.

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Central America Independence Day September 27 | Manito Park

Join us for our Central America Independence Day celebration where cultural appreciation and community unity take center stage! This event is a wonderful opportunity for residents of Central American descent to showcase their vibrant heritage, promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our city. Experience the diverse traditions, music, dance, and delicious cuisine of Central America, enriching Spokane's cultural fabric and fostering stronger community connections. Don't miss out on this lively celebration that celebrates our diverse community and makes Spokane a more inclusive and vibrant place to call home!


Celebrando Venezuela | October 11 |
Manito Park

Join us for Celebrando Venezuela in Spokane, WA, a vibrant celebration fostering cultural appreciation and community spirit!

Experience the rich traditions, music, dance, and cuisine of Venezuela as we come together to promote diversity and inclusion. This event enriches Spokane's cultural fabric, highlighting our city's multicultural essence and creating a dynamic and inclusive environment for all

residents to enjoy!


Tamalada - Tamale Festival | November

Join us for our annual Tamalada event, celebrating the vibrant culture of tamales! This lively gathering features diverse vendors offering delicious tamales from various Latin countries, creating a unique culinary experience for all.

Central to our Tamalada is a friendly competition to determine the best tamale. Attendees can sample tamales from different traditions and regions, then vote for their favorite. The tamale with the most votes wins the title of "Best Tamale" along with a $200 cash prize!

Beyond the delicious food, Tamalada is a community celebration of Latin culture and culinary heritage. It's a wonderful chance to savor rich flavors, connect with local vendors, and enjoy music, laughter, and a festive atmosphere


 Posada & Toy Drive | December

Latinos En Spokane hosts this annual Posada to celebrate and preserve Latin American traditions. Together, we share traditional holiday foods, desserts, songs, piñatas, and distribute toys to Latino and immigrant families. Leading up to the Posada, we collect toys for our annual Toy Drive, which culminates during the event. Last year, thanks to the generosity of our community, we were able to distribute over 406 toys to children.

Join us for a night of cultural celebration, community spirit, and holiday joy. Your participation helps keep these beloved traditions alive and supports families in need during the festive season.


Be Part Of Our 2024 Celebrations

Vendor Opportunity

We are looking for vendors to join us in our celebration! We are seeking all types of vendors; food, craft, and service.


We have limited space!

If you are interested in participating as a vendor send an email to

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Sponsorship Opportunity 

Why Sponsor Us 

Your sponsorship will help support our Cultural Events throughout the year and Hispanic Heritage Month. These events represent a time of celebration and recognition for the rich cultural contributions of Hispanic communities in Spokane. As they provide a platform to showcase and honor our diverse heritage, traditions, and achievements.

By becoming a sponsor for Hispanic Heritage Month and our cultural events, you will not only support the preservation and promotion of Hispanic culture in Spokane but also demonstrate your commitment to diversity, inclusion, and cultural enrichment within the community. Your sponsorship will help fund these events, allowing us to continue providing meaningful cultural experiences, educational workshops, and community-building activities for residents of all backgrounds.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and supporting our cultural events. Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor and partnering with us to celebrate Hispanic heritage and promote cultural understanding and appreciation in Spokane. 

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