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Health Coaching

Community Comadre Health Coaching

Latinos En Spokane is partnering with Empire Health Foundation to improve the health and wellness of our 50+ Latino and immigrant community members in Spokane County. The goal of our collaboration is to increase awareness of health programs, increase access to healthcare services for insured and uninsured community members, advocate for Elders in navigating healthcare options, foster self-management skills, improve overall patient activation, and support community members toward healthier lifestyles and engaging with their own healthcare.

Smiles Spokane Oral Health Program

Latinos en Spokane is partnering with Better Health Together, Smiles Spokane to create access to oral healthcare through community care coordination. This year we will be working to create community connections with local dentist for insured and uninsured Latino and immigrant in Spokane County, distribute 1000 oral health kits and resources through El Mercadito, and provide direct transportation assistance to and from dental appointments.

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