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Our Mission 

Latinos En Spokane has partnered with the Washington Department of Commerce’s Small Business Resiliency Network to support Latino and immigrant entrepreneurs start up, grow, and connect with local and state resources. Our small business services provide one-on-one technical assistance, training, tools, mentoring, create streamlined business information in Spanish, permit processes, business registration, planning, marketing, access to state and local resources for small businesses and local entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses.



Business Start-Up
  • ITIN Registration

    • What is an ITIN number 

    • What does the ITIN work for?


  • Business Registration 

We know that business licensing processes can be default to obtain or we are here to help the business  - Here to simplify this process


  • Business License/Permit Application

Importance , how this can benefit your business 

risks were are to simplify

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Technical Assistance
  • Website Development   

importance of having an easy to use website so your clients can see everything in one place.

  • Marketing/ Advertising  

Your consistency of posting on your platforms will have an impact on your clients' engagement.

  • Social Media Content

Different types of social media platforms and the different types of content you should be creating based on your business type.

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Connection to Local Resources
  • Local Resources 

Connecting to local resources to better help out your business grow and succeed 

  • State Requirements 

Making sure that all the proper permit/ licensing requirements are being met from the very beginning.

  • Grant support

Giving assistance on application to state grants as they are presented.

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ITIN Registration

  • What is an ITIN number 

  • What does the ITIN work for?

  • Requirements to apply for an ITIN

  • How to register for an ITIN

Marketing/social media 101

  • Top 3 social media platforms 

  • Social media dos and don’t

  • Creating content 

  • Consistency of posting 

  • Knowing your brand/niche

Business Taxes

  • How am I taxed based on my business structure?

  • What forms are required for my business?

  • Employee tax forms 

  • Taxing periods

Business Start-up

  • What is your business type

  • Choose a business name 

  • Registering your business

  • Applying for a business license

Growing your business

  • Are you ready to expand your business?

  • Expanding your footprint 

  • Getting access to more funding


  • Bookkeeping platforms

  • How to get registered on a platform

  • Track income & expenses  

  • Invoicing & accepting payments 

Different Business Structure Types

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Partnership

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Corporation (C Corp)

  • Non-Profit Corporation

Business Banking

  • Business Checking accounts 

  • Business Savings accounts 

  • Payroll accounts (if applicable)

  • Benefits of having separate accounts

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