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We are an organization that supports citizen participation, integration, community development, and empowerment of the Latino population in Spokane.


Our Mission is to build capacity within Latino immigrant families and support the advancement of Latino community members, leaders, business-owners, and organizations in Spokane, to address the needs of the growing Latino population through inclusive community engagement, connections to local resources, and serve as catalyst for immigrant rights, social, racial, economic and environmental justice for a more equitable Spokane County.

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Demographics Report

Latinos are the largest ethnic group in Spokane County and its jurisdictions. This research aims to envision a brighter future for Latinos that can be possible by 2060. This can only be accomplished through a thorough analysis of the Latino population in Spokane in its current state. The advancement of the Latin community means the advancement of Spokane.

Read more about the report.


Donate to Latinos en Spokane to continue creating change in our community to support community development, empowering workshops, and culture events.

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