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Our Team


Jennyfer Mesa

Executive Director


Jennyfer Mesa was born in Medellin, Colombia and migrated to Miami, Florida at a young age. After attending high school, she moved to Mexico City where she worked in Finance at HSBC International and in Industrial Waste Management and Recycling. In 2012 she migrated again to the US and graduated from EWU with a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and as a McNair Scholar. Jennyfer Mesa is Executive Director and founder of Latinos En Spokane. She directs the programs and projects for Latinos En Spokane including the Community Comadre health program, El Mercadito, and Center for Latinos en Spokane. In Spokane, Jennyfer has worked in our community in immigration advocacy, affordable housing, city planning, transportation, neighborhood planning, sustainability, and Tribal planning with the Yakama Nation, Colville Tribe, Spokane Tribe and Kalispel Tribe. 

Jennyfer brings extensive experience working in long-range planning, transportation, cross-cultural community development, and policy. Jennyfer was recognized as one of 2020 Inland Northwest Women of the Year and currently serves on the Board of Directors for ACLU Washington, Better Health Together, WSU Medical Advisory Committee, EWU Presidential Search Advisory Committee, and Chair of the City of Spokane Housing Action Subcommittee.


Mayra Velázquez

Economic Development Specialist


Mayra (She/They) is a 10-year Army Veteran and Economic Development Specialist at Latinos En Spokane.  She leads the Empréndete Business Center, supporting small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs to connect with local resources by providing technical assistance. Mayra conducts data analytics, including demographics research, performance metrics, data management, and GIS analysis for Latinos En Spokane. She holds an Associate in Business Administration from Skagit Valley College and is currently pursuing a B.A in Urban and Regional Planning and B.S in Economics at Eastern Washington University.


Ana M. Garza


El Salvador

Ana is the secretary and front desk clerk at Latinos en Spokane. She greets community members who enter our doors with dignity and compassion, and is an expert organizer and multitasker. Ana leads the Oral Health and LGBT Programs, and assists community members with medical needs. Ana has a background in executive secretarial work through the Harvard Education Center in San Salvador. She worked as a Nursing Assistant at Sacred Heart Medical Center for over 25 years. Ana’s personal goals are to always be responsible, honest, patient, fair and a team player.


Andres Sanchez

El Mercadito Market Manager/ Co-op President


Andres Sanchez is Market Manager of El Mercadito. He leads our monthly outdoor cultural Latino market created to connect Latinos and immigrant residents in Spokane to fresh cultural foods, access to resources and local programs, COVID-19 resources, and support for local vendors. Since March 2021, El Mercadito has distributed over 28,000lbs of fresh food to 1,350 families, and supported local entrepreneurs showcase their businesses. Would you like to sell your products at El Mercadito? Contact Andres today!


Rosa Dillon

Executive Assistant

El salvador

Community Comadres

The Community Comadres program provides wrap around services and technical assistance to support families navigating state and local systems. Ask a Comadre, they can help you with:


Karen Flores


Karen Flores is a Community Comadre and passionate about Latino History and Culture. Karen has worked with Latinos En Spokane since 2019 helping connect immigrant community members with local resources, food deliveries to help families quarantine, and COVID-19 vaccine outreach. Since joining Latinos En Spokane, Karen has helped many families connect with COVID-19 resources. Karen is also leading multiple cultural events for our organization like Dia de Muerto educational workshops. Are you interested in forming part of our cultural events and activities? Do you need help accessing COVID-19 resources? Connect with Karen today.


Monica Guzman


Monica Guzman is a Community Comadre for Latinos En Spokane. She is also a local business owner, Sunday school teacher, and advocate for children in our community. Monica has worked with Latinos En Spokane since 2020 helping families connect to local resources, food deliveries, COVID-19 response, interpreting at vaccine events, and helped form El Mercadito this year. Do you need to apply for rental assistance? Do you need help accessing COVID-19 resources? Connect with Monica today.

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