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Who We Are

Latinos En Spokane is a Latino and immigrant-led 501C3, Non-profit organization centered on supporting citizen participation, culturally led community development, and empowerment of the Latino and immigrant population in Spokane County. We do our work through our Center for Latinos, our Community Comadre social worker program, El Mercadito outdoor cultural market, educational workshops, cultural events, activism, and partnering with local organizations. 


Latinos en Spokane was founded in September 2017, by three Latino advocates from the Spokane community. Jennyfer Mesa, Misael Vences and Alberto Alberty. The intention to form a group was to connect with local Latino residents from all backgrounds and create a sense of community. We created an online space through social media to hold conversations, share information on local events, and provide information on local resources for businesses, immigration processes, community workshops, and to learn more about the Spokane community. The group was launched with 70 members, and in 2018 we grew exponentially to over 2000 members of the Latino community in the Spokane area.

Our social media space has allowed us to connect to the Latino community and gain an insight of community needs. Throughout this year we have partnered with local organizations like World Relief, Catholic Charities, Spokane Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, ACLU, local Latino businesses, and churches to provide outreach. We’ve held multiple immigration workshops on Know Your Rights, citizenship applications, scholarships, and Temporary Protective Status. In addition, we provide translations on local events and community resources. Many Latino businesses and organizations advertise their events and promotions in our group page. Moreover, our online group has become a trusted space where community members can ask for help, guidance, report BP/ICE activities and arrests, can inform of us on wage theft, and discrimination. Our group also serves as a safe space for community members to ask questions, inquire about employment opportunities, and where people can express concerns and provide recommendations. 


Latinos en Spokane works to support the Latino population in their integration, civic participation, and community development. Through our community events and workshops, we work with local organizations and service providers to help support the self-sustaining and empowerment of the Latino community in Spokane.


Our Mission is to build capacity within Latino immigrant families and support the advancement of Latino community members, leaders, business-owners, and organizations in Spokane; to address the needs of the growing Latino population through arts, culture, inclusive community engagement, and connections to local resources;  to create physical, digital and cultural spaces to empower underrepresented community voices; and to serve as catalyst for immigrant rights, inclusive planning, and social/racial/economic/environmental justice for a more equitable Spokane County.

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