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Latinos en Spokane was founded in September 2017, by three Latino advocates from the Spokane community. Jennyfer Mesa, Misael Vences and Alberto Alberty. The intention to form a group was to connect with local Latino residents from all backgrounds and create a sense of community. We created an online space through social media to hold conversations, share information on local events, and provide information on local resources for businesses, immigration processes, community workshops, and to learn more about the Spokane community. The group was launched with 70 members, and in 2018 we grew exponentially to over 2000 members of the Latino community in the Spokane area.

Our social media space has allowed us to connect to the Latino community and gain an insight of community needs. We have partnered with local organizations like World Relief, Catholic Charities, Spokane Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, ACLU, local Latino businesses, and churches to provide outreach. We’ve held multiple immigration workshops on Know Your Rights, citizenship applications, scholarships, and Temporary Protective Status. In addition, we provide translations on local events and community resources. Many Latino businesses and organizations advertise their events and promotions in our group page. Moreover, our online group has become a trusted space where community members can ask for help, guidance, report BP/ICE activities and arrests, can inform of us on wage theft, and discrimination. Our group also serves as a safe space for community members to ask questions, inquire about employment opportunities, and where people can express concerns and provide recommendations. 


Latinos en Spokane Workshops, Community Forums, and Cultural Events to date



1st: Loteria Night

3rd: Community Walk @ Kendall Yards

5th: ESL class (Shailynn Bray)

6th: ESL class

Tenants' Rights 

8th: Immigration Clinic (VLP)

10th: Driving Class (Sueno Driving School)

12th: ESL class

13th: ESL class

20th: ESL class

21st: Free Legal Clinic

22nd: DMV Driving test for class participants.

23rd: DMV Driving test for class participants.

24th: El Mercadito

26th: ESL class

27th: ESL class

30th: Resource Fair (SNAP)

May (Sponsored by Golden Handle)

2nd: Tenants Rights

5th: Loteria Night

Golden Handle Anniversary Night

6th: Land Co-op meeting

7th: AANHPI Booth @ Fair

8th-12th: Free Mother’s Day gifts for kids

9th: Financial Workshop (Luzy King)

11th: Immigration Clinic (VLP) 

17th: Free Legal Clinic

23rd: Land Co-op meeting

25th: ITIN

27th: El Mercadito


3rd: Business Clinic (Erin P)

4th: Tenants Rights (Salvador R)

7th: Loteria Night

13th: Immigration Clinic (VLP)

15th: Empoderate Mujer Women’s Conference

19th: Free Legal Clinic 

22nd: Bankruptcy Clinic (VLP)

25th: Virtual - Mely’s Kitchen

27th: Resource Fair @ Roger’s High School

28th: Dominoes Night

29th: El Mercadito


4th: Free Tax Prep

9th: Immigration Clinic

11th: Working Families Tax Credit event @ Choo Choo Tortas

12th: Working Families Tax Credit event @ Comunidad Cristiana

15th: Free Legal Clinic 

18th: Working Families Tax Credit event @ Choo Choo Tortas

Land Co-op meeting

19th: Working Families Tax Credit event @ Comunidad Cristiana

22nd: ITIN

25th: El Mercadito

27th: Business Clinic

29th: Virtual- Mely’s Kitchen


1st: Virtual- Mely’s Kitchen

4th: Tax Prep (Jasmin Group)

6th: Business Clinic (Alex Barrouk)

9th: Immigration Clinic (VLP)

15th: Legal Clinic (VLP)

23rd: Land Co-op meeting 

25th: El Mercadito

27th: Business Clinic (Alex B)

28th: Virtual- Mely’s Kitchen


9th: Business Clinic (Emprendete) 

12th: Immigration Clinic (VLP)

14th: ITIN 

18th: Legal Clinic (VLP)

23rd: Business Clinic (Emprendete)

24th: Reparenting Ourselves 

28th: El Mercadito

30th: Business Workshop (Lu Hill)

Other Past Events:

  • Preguntale al Districto Escolar/Ask the School District- 5/8/2020.

  • Interview with Gabirel Munoz from Latino Civic Alliance – 5/6/2020

  • Cosechando Esperanza Food Bank, collaboration with HBPA – 4/19/2020 and 4/25/2020

  • Nuestro Bien Estar/ Our Well-Being, Lantinx Mental Health Collaboration webinar – 4/20/2020

  • Commercial Kitchen workshop – Kitchen Spokane 3/11/2020

  • Commercial Kitchen workshop- Sweet Box Kitchen 3/4/2020

  • Scholarship workshop by Maura Ruiz 2/25/2020

  • Posada/Christmas holiday event – 12/11/2019

  • Small Business Start Up Workshop- 11/20/2019 and 12/4/2019.

  • Tamalada : Community cuisine event with over 600 tamales Latin America 9/28/19

  • Hágase contar/2020 Census- Comunidad Cristiana 9/15/2019

  • Ethnic, Race, and Indigenous People’s Conference, Gonzaga University 9/13/2019

  • Mi Tianguis de Cuentos y Canciones: Bilingual story time 9/7/2019

  • Journal of Gratitude workshop – 8/24/2019

  • Latino Youth Empowerment: Mentorship and youth identity workshop8/18/2019

  • How to avoid immigration fraud – 7/9/2019

  • Latinx Mental Health Collaborative – Focus group with community members and Latinx mental health therapist 7/10/19

  • Homebuyers workshop – How to apply to loans and buy a home 5/22/2019.

  • Scholarship Workshop – How to write scholarship essays and apply to scholarships 2/15/2019 &1/16/2019.

  • Tax listening session: Understanding WA Taxes10/27/13 & 11/13/2018.

  • Immigration Action Week at EWU: Latinos en Spokane- Grassroot community organizing10/18/2018

  • ACLU-WA Flights & Rights: Unlawful searches and arrest by Border Patrol at the Spokane Intermodal Station 7/23/2018

  • ACLU-WA Flights & Rights: Immigration issues in Spokane County 4/18/2018

  • TPS Immigration Forum: Understanding changes to TPS and Asylum Process3/8/2018

  • Citizenship instructor workshop: How to support citizenship applicants 10/28/2017.


State and Local policy support

  • Keep Washington Working Act

  • CBP in Spokane Public Schools

  • Protecting Passenger Rights For A Safer Spokane - Spokane City Ordinance C35681


Publications of our work in the Spokane Community

The Spokes-man Review, “Area groups come to aid of immigrant families left out of federal stimulus program. April 29, 2020.

The Inlander, “As the student population grows more diverse, Spokane teachers are overwhelmingly white. School leaders want to change that”. November 27, 2019.

The Spokanes-man Review, ‘Who else is helping?’: Latinos en Spokane works for safe, thriving community. July 14, 2019.


The Intercept, “Spokane vs. the Border Patrol: How Immigration Agents Stake Out a City Bus Station”. December 10, 2019


The Daily World, “Washington bill would limit state assistance to federal immigration enforcement”. February 13, 2019


ACLU-WA, “New law requires federal agents to get a warrant to conduct searches in the boarding areas of the city’s bus station”. October 23, 2018


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